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Our Price: $29.50

SKINNYVITA takes Dr. OZ GREEN COFFEE WEIGHT-LOSS REVOLUTION to the next level. it is possibly the most efficient and safest all natural complex for weight-loss, rejuvenation and total wellness today. Like all NUTRA-SCIENTIFICS products, SKINNYVITA is FDA registered and guaranteed to work. So if you are serious about losing weight, take THE SKINNYVITA CHALLENGE: shedding 1 MILLION POUNDS a year.
Our Price: $29.95

More than a multivitamin and mineral formula, it is loaded with:
- A powerful mushroom complex including Ganoderma
- Superfoods
- 42 Fruit and Vegetable Proprietary Blend
- A proprietary Blend of clinically proven herbal ingredients

Simply the Doctor's Choice for Optimum Health

Our Price: $19.99

HORSEPOWER, our magic " pill is possibly the world's most powerful, herbal men's multi-vitamin for optimum drive, stamina and rejuvenation. HORSEPOWER has a positive effect on the kidneys. HORSEPOWER is a daily use formulation which efficiency by far surpasses that of cialis and the other artificial products in the market without the horrible side effects.